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About Refocus
Refocus — where the future is born!
Refocus is a global EdTech company. We’ve already changed the lives of more than 5 000 students in 7 countries. We ain’t gonna stop. Our goal is to launch 20 products in Indonesia, the Philippines, and all the countries across the Asia region.
The #1 goal is to equip our students with skills that will be in demand in the Asian market for at least 30 years.
We dream big. We go global.
Refocus is all about enthusiasm combined with unprecedented professionalism. We highly appreciate experts from various spheres who aren’t afraid to help the world evolve.
We have one principle only — we love what we do. Join us and you’ll become a part of the multicultural family where your decisions matter at a global scale.

About the Role
The Chief Marketing Officer will lead a global team of professionals in the marketing field, creating together the most effective marketing activities in the whole South-East Asia. Being a credible and trusted figure in a company, the CMO will be working closely with founders.
For Refocus team it is important to have the CMO with great understanding of both performance & brand marketing since the mission of marketing team will be to translate the brand into efficient marketing initiatives reaching our clients all over South-East Asia.
What you will do:
  • Design a marketing strategy that helps the company to achieve growth goals through marketing functions and activities.
  • Drive ROMI and Revenue generating marketing initiatives.
  • Improve current processes of planning, testing hypothesis and people development in Marketing team (User Acquisition, CRM, Content, Design etc.).
  • Strengthen the team with new talents and build effective work process for current employees.
  • Implement OKRs and manage the performance of the marketing functions.
What you will need:
  • 3+ years of in-house experience as CMO, Head of Marketing or VP of Marketing with an own team of non-less than 30 employees.
  • Successful experience of designing marketing strategies.
  • Broad understanding of both performance&brand marketing.
  • Successful experience of hands-on work with performance marketing (Facebook/Google Ads and other targeted/contextual advertising channels).
  • Successful experience of hands-on work with communication marketing (positioning strategy, brand marketing).
  • Deep understanding of marketing research processes (CusDev, qualitative&quantitative researches).
  • Deep understanding of marketing analytics (including different attribution models).
  • Critical thinking: you are not framed by your past experience, always try to find new solutions and make more decisions.
What we offer:
  • Opportunity to get unique experience of building a unicorn company from scratch.
  • Remote work for anywhere in the world or relocation to Serbia.
  • Fair compensation for your work.
  • Free access to all of our products.
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