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About us
Hey, there! We’re Refocus. A family of determined enthusiasts who are inspired by the idea to build a new era of education.

To do it, we’ve invited the strongest mentors from all over the world. We’ve produced mind-changing courses which give skills needed to earn.

Our mission is to give the digital profession to 1 000 000 students in five years.
We’ll make education accessible and modern faster.

For Refocus, education is more than a money-making sphere, it is a philosophy. We believe that education:
  • is the path to a better life;
  • must be available, adaptive and human-oriented;
  • must meet the modern realities of the world.
  • We’ll be proud to work with a person who is good at a certain sphere, ready to learn and motivated enough to change the world for the better.
We are looking for
We are looking for a CRM-marketer who will be responsible for service and mass e-mail send-outs via messangers, adjusting auto funnels and series of messages (we will help if needed), making tests of marketing hypothesis. 

This position is all about marketing. Together with our marketng team you will grow and achieve amazing results.

You will be the lead - facing difficult tasks and making hard decisions and all of that on the new markets of Asia, together with people who made the best ed-tech companies in Russia. Not easy, but interesting for sure!
We match if you
  • Have a mindset of an entrepreneur. You are not afraid of making a mistake, you know how to work with uncertainty and make complex decisions without full awarness of the situation.
  • Have succsessfull cases of increasing company’s income as a CRM-marketer.
  • Know a lot about sales and marketing.
  • Know how to work with marketing metrics: when they matter and how to influence on them;
  • Love numbers and spreadsheets;
  • Solve problems systematically - once and forever, building new prossecces around them;
  • English B1 and above.
Here is what we offer
  • A strong team with confirmed track record, where you can grow professionally and personally (our co-founders launched Qmarketing with a successfull exit);
  • Freedom in decision-making: you will have an opportunity to directly influence on the general result;
  • A space and resource for creating an outstanding case on the global market, where you play a key role (capitalization - 100 milion dollars in 3 years + experience in creating big international products);
  • An atmosphere where everyone wants to achieve great results;
  • A fair compersation for your skills and values that you bring to the company;
  • Remote work with an ability to work from any place on Earth (but make sure your timezone matches the team’s working hours).
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