Head of User Acquisition
Band 4
Hey, there!
We are Refocus – a global online platform that provides education in the IT field – and we’ve already produced mind-changing courses which give skills needed to earn and prosper.
What do we do?
Our mission is to provide students with skills that will be in demand for at least 30 years. It gives people a sense of confidence in the world of tomorrow, which is especially crucial in 2022.
We want to serve people around the world and help them improve their quality of life with exceptional and affordable IT education.

Our big goal is to give the digital profession to 1,000 000 students in 5 years. We have already taught 5000+ students in 7+ countries.

Now, we are launching online education in Asia: first in Indonesia and the Philippines, then across all the SEA region. We already have the product, revenue and sustainable traction. We plan to launch 20 products and to reach $1M monthly revenue.
What is education in Refocus?
It is much more than just a tool to make money. We believe, that education:
  • is the path to a better life;
  • must be available, adaptive and human-oriented;
  • must prepare a person to meet the modern realities of the world.
With this in mind, we have invited the strongest mentors from all over the world to shake the world with us! We’ll be proud to work with any person who is skilled, ready to learn and motivated to change the world for the better.
Head of User Acquisition - is a position about business growth in Refocus. Do you dream about working with big budgets? Do you want to get international experience?
  • Be responsible for the advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads and Google Ads in two countries (Asia);
  • Projecting and testing different funnels;
  • Creating hypothesis and testing them;
  • Implementing best practices of buying traffic (Facebook and Google Ads);
  • Cooperating with local outsourcers;
  • Working with high budgets (100.000$ per month and more)
  • Creating the best team on the market, implementing a motivation system and helping the team to grow
What we expect from you
  • You have 3+ years of experience in Performance marketing;
  • You have experience managing high budgets (not less than 50.000$ per month)
  • You know how to work with end-to-end analytics;
  • You managed a team of 3+ people;
  • English B2 or above;
  • Have experience working on the side of the client.
What we offer
  • A strong team with a confirmed track record, in which you can grow both professionally and personally;
  • Freedom in decision-making and the ability to significantly influence the overall result by them;
  • Space and resource for creating an outstanding case in the global market, in which you will play a key role ;
  • An atmosphere in which everyone is charged to make a cool result (a team of top performers from the best EdTech companies);
  • Fair compensation for your skills and for the value you will bring to the company;
  • Ability to work from anywhere, provided that the time zones match adequately with the team.
Get in touch with us:
TIN: 602-900-516-00000
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