Refocus offers remote-friendly, flexible opportunities to turn work life into an exciting adventure.
Refocus — where the future is born
available and adaptive
interesting and engaging
up to date and in-demand

We do our best to make education

Our #1 goal is to equip our students with skills that will be in demand in the Asian market for at least 30 years.
Now we want to launch 20 products in Indonesia, the Philippines, and all the countries across the SEA region.
We’ve changed the lives of more than 5 000 students in 7 countries.

Refocus is a global EdTech company

Education is our passion. We believe that this is the lever which changes the world. We’ve aimed at no less than educating 1 000 000 students in 5 years.

We dream big. We go global.

Our team
Do you have a fire in your heart as strong as ours is?
Refocus is about enthusiasm and professionalism. We have one principle only — we love what we do. Join us and you’ll become a part of the multicultural family where your decisions matter at a global scale.
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