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Our students work in:
The certificate confirms that you are competent in digital Marketing
Eye on the market
Digital marketing specialists are in high demand on the job market.
Almost every company needs one.
*Referenced from the jobstreet.com.ph and indeed.com
₱ 15,000*
average salary
Junior Digital Marketing Analyst
average salary
₱ 25,000 — 30,000*
Full Digital Marketing Analyst
average salary
₱ 35,000 — 50,000*
Digital Marketing Specialist
This course is for:
Stop wasting your marketing budget and set-up a perfect marketing plan.

Our course will help you manage marketing campaigns from zero to the full launch
Entrepreneurs and business owners
Working in the marketing field requires constant learning.

When you finish our course you will possess a wide range of skills that will greatly boost your career
Marketing specialists
Learn how to do real-life tasks in digital marketing.

This course is designed to give you the knowledge to launch profitable marketing campaigns: create advertisements, attract and retain clients, and analyze the results
Beginners or students
Digital marketing is the perfect profession for you if you value flexibility in your work.

Complete tasks in advertising, analytics, customer and project management from wherever and whenever you want
Remote job seekers
Benefits of the course
When you complete the course you can apply for the job with real projects in your portfolio.
20 Modules
We have selected the most useful topics for marketing specialists.
Diverse Market
Our lecturers are from all over the world: the Philippines, Russia and the USA.
Study Online
And at your own pace.
Don't waste your time in the commute - get top-quality education wherever you are.
You receive feedback for your assignments from our mentors.
Practical Knowledge
Students who have finished the course can start working immediately.
Course Program
Part 1 Digital Strategy
01 Introduction to the digital marketing for beginners
  • What is digital marketing
  • Landing page. Product USP. Media planning
  • Analytics. Types of commercial channels
  • Customer jorney mapping (CJM). Unit economics
02 Digital-Strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience analysis (CustDev, JTBD)
  • Branding and branding design
  • Project analysis: Qmarketing Academy
  • Introduction to Growth Hacking
  • User flow (CJM) = Funel prototyping. CJM
03 Creatives
  • Introduction in creatives
  • Landing pages creation
  • A/B testing
04 Basics of performance marketing
  • What is performance marketing?
  • Basic concepts of performance marketing3. User flow (CJM)
  • Performance marketing principles
  • Role and functions of performance marketing specialist
05 Digital marketing for B2B
  • Contecstual advertising in B2B.
  • Content marketing in B2B and direct targeting advertising
  • PR in B2B. How and why to write articles and how to get on the pages of Forbes and other business websites
  • Sales B2B. How to handle leeds properly and control the sales department effectively
Part 2 Advertising Campaigns, Customer Acquisition and PR

01 Targeted advertising on social media (Paid Social)
  • Facebook and Instagram: Setting up an ad account
  • Facebook and Instagram: Campaign and ad group level
  • Facebook and Instagram: Ad levels and analytics
  • MyTarget
  • Overview of advertizing oportunities: Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin
02 Contextual advertising
  • Google Ads: platform overview
  • Contecstual advertising strategy
  • Semantics. Theory
  • Semantics collection. Practice
  • Search advertising. Launch and optimization
  • Display network Google
03 Retention-marketing (CRM)
  • Introduction
  • Overview of the main Retention marketing platforms
  • Customer base segmentation
  • Trigger (communication) cards
  • Email-marketing
  • Launch and maintenance of the Retention-project
04 Programmatic Ads
  • Basics Programmatiс Ads
  • Possibilities of Programmatiс on the example of DV360
  • Basic skills for setting up a display campaign in DV360
  • Introduction to YouTube DV360, setting up the campaign
05 СPA networks
  • What is СРА network. Who is a web-master. Why do we need them
  • Overview of the main СРА networks, advantages and disadvantages
  • How to launge CPA quickly. When you need to create your own affilate program
  • Main mistakes when working with CPA.
  • How to make CPA grow and make up to 15% in the general marketing mix
  • Actual CPA cases discussion
06 Mobile advertisement
  • Introduction into mobile marketing
  • Apps advertising in Facebook.
  • Mobile analytics
07 Digital marketing in TikTok
  • Performance в TikTok
08 SEO
  • Internal optimization
  • How to hire a contractor
  • Search engines
  • Strategy
09 Design in E-commerce
  • Design basics for e-commerce
Part 3 Analytics and Customer Retention

01 Analytics. Basic level
  • Introduction to analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Mobile analytics
  • Data analysis on real cases
02 Analytics. Advance level
  • Analytics for advertisinf campaigns. Attribution
  • Introduction to end-to-end analytics
Part 4 Personal brand and Career

01 Personal brand
  • Strategies for personal brang creating, your own positioning
  • Creation of a content strategy for a personal brand, a strategy for subscribers' increase and their conversion
02 Career
  • How to hire a good marketing team
The Course Mentors
Alex is a mentor in two of the largest European startup accelerators, Startup Wise Guys and IT-Hub. He is an expert in Facebook advertising. Alex has managed Facebook advertising campaigns for more than five years with advertising budgets totaling over $20 million.

Alex has also launched projects for British American Tobacco, Raiffeisenbank, and dozens of tech startups. He is a lecturer at the Higher School of Economics, a leading university in Eastern Europe.
Alex Solo
Roman is a mentor in 500 startups and two of the largest European startup accelerators. He has launched projects with Google and eBay at Tinkoff Bank, and developed Qlean as the world's third largest on-demand cleaning company.

Roman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Qmarketing Agency, an advertising agency for technology companies around the world, and an investor in several startups.
Roman Kumar Vias
Igor was in charge of digital marketing strategy in Adidas and Actis Wunderman (WPP) and launched digital marketing projects for Mastercard, Ford, BMW, Home Credit Bank and Porsche.

Igor heads up digital education programs in one of the leading universities in eastern Europe, the Higher School of Economics and has educated more than 1000 students. Igor is the Co-Founder and COO of Qmarketing, an advertising agency for technology companies around the world.
Igor Gurovich
Study process
Study the topic materials
Create projects for your portfolio
hours of lectures
to complete
Work in groups and exchange knowledge
Get feedback from mentors
Hand in assignments
Career Center
Preparation for selection processes,
group dynamics and individual interviews.
Mentoring with recruiters and professionals in your area of ​​expertise.
Assistance in the development of your portfolio, CV and LinkedIn profile.
Igor was in charge of digital marketing strategy in Adidas and Actis Wunderman (WPP) and launched digital marketing projects for Mastercard, Ford, BMW, Home Credit Bank and Porsche.
Head of career center
Igor Gurovich
Final project cases prepared
by real companies.
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October 29th
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Can I join the course if I don’t have any marketing background?
For this course, it is not necessary to be an expert in marketing.
However, we recommend that the student has a basic understanding of marketing or related areas.
When can I study?
You can study anytime you want after the course has started.
Just bear in mind that you will get access to each module at a specific time.
How many hours will I have to spend on the course?
The lectures are over 150 hours long.
There are also at least 20 assignments which you have to hand in and our mentors will check them. We recommend our students to devote 4-5 hours per week on the assignments to complete the course.
Can I watch the modules out of order?
You must watch the modules in order and do the assignments before moving onto the next module.
Are there any group activities?
When the course starts we create a special channel in one of the messengers where we add all the students of the course. You can communicate with your peers and ask questions there.
Till offer ends
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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.