How to Visualize Data Like a Pro From Scratch
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December 2, 5 pm, Manila time
Learn what career path to choose
• Data Scientist and ICT Business Analyst,
• Senior Data Science Specialist at PayMaya Philippines,
• Senior Data Science Specialist at Manulife.
Millicent Singson
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This webinar is for you if you want to know:
Who data analysts are and what they do
Why data analysts are in demand
How to become a pro from scratch
Where you can learn the basics
Data Scientist and ICT Business Analyst
Millicent Singson
Tried self-studying but had no mentor to guide her, leaving her clueless of where to start
Wanted to switch her career but lacked the confidence
Started as a .NET developer bootcamp trainee with a basic salary
Stopped worrying about tomorrow because the demand for data analysts is soaring
Took on the role of Lead Data Scientist at an Australia-based company
Now earning more than 3x her basic salary before she transitioned to data analytics
Webinar speaker
Find out
Who data analysts are and what they do
How and when a beginner can earn
What you need to know to become a pro
Why data analysts are in demand
Where you can learn the basics
What the most well-paid professions in data analytics are

Students’ feedback

I knew nothing about Data Analytics. But now, thanks to this webinar, I already know what this is all about. I really want to enroll in the course and learn more about this profession because it is the profession of the future.

Tino Ramos

I loved the content! Plus, the format was very appealing and easy to follow. I learnt so many insights about Data Analytics. Well done, Refocus! I’ll definitely join more webinars like this.

Diana Jane Ceniza

I enjoy the Refocus webinars, they are so insightful. Speakers do an amazing job and share with you all the secrets about how to start working in IT. Thank you, Refocus❤️

Angela Santos

Thank you, Refocus, for the webinar. It was very informative and insightful. Now I know that it’s not that scary to switch to a new career and start working remotely.

Bayani Garcia

Students’ feedback

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December 2, 5 pm, Manila Time
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How to Visualize Data Like a Pro From Scratch
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