An Insider’s Guide from IT Recruiters
Discover each step on the way to becoming a data analyst from scratch and getting a job
Launch Your Data Analytics Career:
May 16, 7 pm, Manila time
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Mara Quivedo
• Career consultant at Refocus
9+ years of experience as a Technical Recruitment professional
Worked with tech startups, scale-ups, enterprises, and tech entrepreneurs
Worked with CTOs, Technical Leads, and Software Engineers from across the globe
Experienced with diverse talents in APAC, EMEA, US, and LATAM
Worked with CTOs, Technical Leads, and Software Engineers from across the globe
Find out
Have a question-and-answer time to clear up any worries or concerns you might have
Preparing for the interview!
+ Bonus
What do data analysts do, and what’s their job?
What is the current demand for data analysts
What skills do you need to have to become a data analyst
How can you make your portfolio or CV look impressive
Best tips from a pro on how to prepare for a data analytics interview
How to start earning from ₱60,000 in 2023
Get your hands on the gifts that will boost your career journey!
Lesson "Why Power BI can never replace Excel"
Guide "Top 10 mistakes Beginners in Data Analytics Should Avoid"
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Guide "The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your IT Career"
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Students’ feedback

Rhemo Bacerra

I was feeling pretty lost and unsure about switching careers, but their community manager gave me a push in the right direction during one of their live sessions. I went through the core modules, completed a project, and joined the Career Center. The team there helped me perfect my resume and prep for interviews. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to snag interviews with some major players in the tech industry. And can you believe it? I landed a job at a top IT and telecom company in just 6 months!

"Refocus seriously changed the game for me"

“I got lucky to find a job without even actively looking for one”

Mirasol Flores

I quit my job and decided to focus on finding a new one. I gave myself until January of this year to get something sorted, but I lucked out! I actually got a job in December without even trying that hard. It’s all thanks to Refocus Career Center. I went through their Career Module and the specialists there helped me submit my applications to different companies. And before I knew it, I was getting calls and emails left and right with job offers.

"In just 3 weeks, I accomplished what would have taken me almost a year on my own!"

Joshua Cruz

Refocus seriously streamlined my process. I’m now working with 6 international clients and making around $ 2000 in just 2 months. I’ve tackled projects with data visualization, monitored marketing campaigns using Tableau, and even got to create a super cool dashboard for YouTube analytics. It’s safe to say, I’m loving every minute of it!

Students’ feedback
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Launch Your Data Analytics Career: An Insider’s Guide from IT Recruiters
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