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Top 5 reasons to start in Data Analytics right now
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Work as a data analyst and know the basics
Know your perspective as a data analyst
Find out what tools you need to learn to start in analytics
Make a great shift in your career but don’t know where to start
Raise awareness about the profession
Wanted to switch a career and start in Data Analytics but lacked the skills
Tried self-studying but there weren’t enough materials available and she couldn’t find a mentor
Was accepted in the DS program of FTW
Was promoted twice and became a Lead DS
Was offered a junior DS role in Accenture
Transitioned to a US-based Medical service company
Now earning more than 6x her basic salary
Started as an HR Specialist with a basic salary
Webinar speaker
Experienced Data Scientist across industries like Energy, Insurance, Fintech, HR, and Healthcare
Mikha Jane Mata
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Each participant gets a guide
Top 5 Books for Aspiring Data Analysts
Find out
Who are data analysts and what they do
What you need to know to become a pro
Where you could learn the basics
Why data analysts are in demand
How to start learning Excel
How to make a competitive portfolio

Students’ feedback

I knew nothing about Data Analytics. But now, thanks to this webinar, I already know what this is all about. I really want to enroll in the course and learn more about this profession because it is the profession of the future.

Tino Ramos

I loved the content! Plus, the format was very appealing and easy to follow. I learnt so many insights about Data Analytics. Well done, Refocus! I’ll definitely join more webinars like this.

Diana Jane Ceniza

I enjoy the Refocus webinars, they are so insightful. Speakers do an amazing job and share with you all the secrets about how to start working in IT. Thank you, Refocus❤️

Angela Santos

Thank you, Refocus, for the webinar. It was very informative and insightful. Now I know that it’s not that scary to switch to a new career and start working remotely.

Bayani Garcia

Students’ feedback

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Top 5 reasons to start in Data Analytics right now
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