a step-by-step instruction
Get your checklist Top 5 Books for Aspiring Data Analysts after the webinar
How to start
in Data Analytics
Free webinar
7 pm, Manila time
05 : 19 : d1
2 personal success stories in data analytics in one go!
The experts will share their experience and shed light on how you become a data analyst no matter whom you work as.
2 speakers started from scratch and became top-notch data analysts coming from different backgrounds.
Webinar speakers
Millicent Singson
Mikha Jane Mata
More than 11 years of experience
Data Analysis, Visualization, Data Modeling, Machine Learning, etc.
Driving Application and Product Development, Automation Projects
3 years in Data Science
Machine Learning, End-to-end Data Science Solution, Data Storytelling and Visualization
Python, AWS Cloud, PowerBi, SQL
This webinar is for you if you want to know:
Who data analysts are and what they do
Why data analysts are in demand
How to become a pro
Where you can learn the basics
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Each participant gets a guide
"Top 5 Books for Aspiring Data Analysts"
Find out
What is the difference between data analytics and data science
Why data scientists and data analysts are in demand
How to make a competitive portfolio
What you need to know to become a pro
How to start learning Python
Where you can learn the basics
How and when a beginner can earn
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02 : 03 : 04
7 pm, Manila time
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How to start in Data Analytics: a step-by-step instruction
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