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The demand for data analysts is skyrocketing

Stable high salary and bonuses
Interesting and challenging tasks
Work from anywhere in the world
Opportunity to make a difference

Data analytics is your path to achieving ambitious goals

the average salary of a mid-level data analyst
companies are looking for data analysts
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This course is for you if you want to:

Gain skills to do exciting tasks and move up the career ladder! Get a higher salary and earn your colleagues' respect.

Upgrade your skills and get promoted

Start working on projects in the field of data analytics from anywhere in the world. Learn how to use Excel, SQL, Power BI, and Python to solve any task.

Work remotely for international companies

Join a high-paying field full of interesting tasks. You will master data analytics tools, use them in real-world projects, and become an in-demand IT professional.

Start a new and successful career

Perfect environment to start off in data analytics

Spend around 5−10 hours a week studying. You can learn anywhere, anytime.

Flexible learning

Our Career Center helps you find a job and prepare for an interview.

Career Center

Our lecturers are from all over the world: the Philippines, Europe, and the USA.

Qualified teachers

Refocus provides you with relevant practical knowledge that helps you earn.

Money-making skills

Course mentors support students and answer their questions.

Professional feedback

The Refocus program is based on real cases from the Philippine market.

Practice-oriented approach

But it won’t be possible without our students' dedication and hard work. That’s why they have to comply with certain demands to land a job with our help:

We are 100% confident in our training and can assure our students of our ability to get them employed.

Job Guarantee Policy

Complete all the modules within the deadlines
Complete all the projects and assignments
Follow each step in the Career Center’s process and make the required efforts to find a job

"We want to give our students decent and well-paying jobs. We know this is exactly what every graduate wishes for, which is why we pay so much attention to it."

Our Career Center will lead you to a job offer

Roman Kumar Vyas, Refocus co-founder
Portfolio, CV, and LinkedIn profile reviews
Mock interviews with HR managers
Live mentorship from experienced HR managers
Vacancies from Refocus partners
Career Manager
Paolo Villena
Career Manager
Earl Thomas Corregidor III

Success stories

Mc Gee Alda Acebedo
"Without even realizing that, I switched from being almost directionless to discovering my calling. The more I learned about data, the more I felt drawn to it. Fast forward, I took the Refocus course, and the rest is history."
Call сenter operator
"When you apply course modules in real life, they become 20 times bigger. I was able to use them almost immediately, which helped me quickly find a job. Now, I can manage my time on my own terms. This is the lifestyle of a digital nomad that we are all pursuing in this industry."
"Good day! I’m Millicent. My data analytics and data science journey started with my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines. I worked as an ICT Business Analyst in 2018 afterward, but then I felt ready for a career shift. After upskilling and getting a Master’s Degree in Data Science in 2019, I landed a job that paid 2x my basic salary. By 2021, I was earning 3x my basic salary. I never regretted my decision."
Millicent Singson
Read more stories about Mc Gee in the media:
In 2012, I got married, and my wife was offered a job abroad. Together, we decided to start from scratch, leave our old lives, and move to Oman. For the next 7 years, I did administrative work for a small computer company: installing software on computers and setting up networks for schools. This is where I first got acquainted with Excel. Then I learned to work only with basic formulas and diagrams, but my knowledge was already progressing.
A new career round
I asked if there is a possibility for me to move to the Data Analyst position once I get a certificate from Refocus. To my surprise, the HR immediately relayed my question to the SME department — and I was offered an interview for this position. And, believe it or not, I succeeded!
After 3 months of taking the course, a friend recommended a position in Technical Support at an American company. The offer seemed interesting to me, but at the same time, another open vacancy-a data analyst one-seemed much more enjoyable. But then I thought it was still too early to think about it — I needed to finish my studies, get a certificate, and gain experience first. That’s why I applied for the Technical Support Engineer post and went on an interview, which seemed successful to me.
An offer that changed my life
Now my schedule is super busy, but it’s so worth it! I can finally develop and earn enough to provide my family with a comfortable life. My family is my constant motivation for what I do. I am ready to constantly improve myself. I’m sure anything is possible if you have a goal!
Combining work, study, and family
My career started at a call center — for two years, I worked on the line and answered calls. Then I worked at the contact center for 7 years as a Level 3 Technical Support agent. However, I wanted to develop more skills and move up to a position that would give me more pay and new challenges or problems to solve.
41-year-old Filipino Mc Gee Acebedo shares his true story of ups and downs on the way to changing his life for the better and becoming an individual to be proud of. Learn how he was able to do this with the help of Refocus.
Perhaps it’s time to make your own decision?
We have an up-to-date curriculum to help students start their journey and eventually land a job with a 100% guarantee.
It was at this moment that I came across Refocus' advertisement. It seemed to me that data analysis was exactly what I wanted to do. I like to sort things out, find solutions, and analyze in general. It looked like a profession that could help me develop my career and provide for my family. So I made the decision!
After I quit my last job, I couldn’t find anything stable for a while. For two years, my entire income depended on all kinds of side hustles, which developed my analytical and marketing skills but also did not give me any stability. My wife’s contract ended, which made us decide to move back to the Philippines.
Jobless for two years
I chose Refocus because of its career center and the support from mentors. And when I started studying, I realized that these were not empty words. Community managers helped me with all the difficulties, and I gradually began to understand more and more complex things-from Excel and SQL to Python even. I couldn’t wait to finish the course and start looking for a full-time job in a new specialty, but things happened quicker than I expected.
Without even realizing that, I switched from being almost directionless to discovering my calling. The more I learned about data, the more I felt drawn to it. Fast forward, I took the Refocus course, and the rest is history.
Remote work at a U.S.-based company
Data analyst
After Refocus
Call center operator
Before Refocus
Mc Gee Alda Acebedo, 41 y.o.
Start earning over ₱60,000 as a data analyst with Refocus.
Focus on what's important →
But what if you don't have the time?
Digital company empowers student to work and learn simultaneously
A full-timer's flexible class schedule
Shei recorded a video where she talked about her experience in more detail. Get a dose of motivation from this former stay-at-home mom who found her dream job!
When you apply course modules in real life, they become 20 times bigger. I was able to use them almost immediately, which helped me quickly find a job. Now, I can manage my time on my own terms. This is the lifestyle of a digital nomad that we are all pursuing in this industry!
My main point is: always do your best. I always say to my colleagues: slow but steady. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.
Lessons I gained while taking the course
Last year, I was an unemployed full-time mom with zero knowledge of digital marketing. Of course, I didn’t have extra money for enrolling in a course, but I was determined to pursue something for myself anyway. I always knew that I had a place somewhere. This place appeared to be the Refocus Digital Academy.
I’m not ashamed to promote Refocus because it already offers all the benefits people are looking for in education. And now I want to share my biggest accomplishment.
I also created a Facebook page for those who want to find a job. I didn’t expect that it will grow to 976 members in just 5 days!
When I got the job, I wanted to help other people like me who had zero knowledge of marketing but wanted to start. So I started looking for people on the Refocus page who were interested in enrolling in the course. I reached out to them, and some of them messaged me. I had a bunch of requests and passed their contact info to Refocus' community managers. Then I got the idea to introduce Refocus to my boss and scheduled a meeting with him and the community manager. It would be great if all my colleagues had the opportunity to learn through Refocus' course.
If I could do this, anybody can
Remote HR and graphic designer at OTSY
After Refocus
Unemployed full-time mom
Before Refocus
Arlensheila Reyes, 45 y.o.
In module 2, we were required to make LinkedIn and Indeed accounts, which I never had before. So I told myself: since I’m paying for this course, I’m going to make everything I’m supposed to. I created my accounts and followed every instruction from the module.
The first breakthrough
Then 3 days later, someone reached out to me via LinkedIn and offered me a job with a salary of ₱45,000 per month. I was shocked! Unfortunately, I couldn't accept the offer because it wasn't a remote job. Just imagine: I could've paid all my Refocus' fees in just one salary! It was very motivating.
Now, I earn and pay my monthly fee to Refocus. I’ll always remember how our community manager Steven encouraged me — he was positive that I could do anything. And I’m really grateful to the community team for checking on our progress and inspiring us to do our best.
As an HR associate, I’m responsible for conducting initial interviews with candidates. In the second part of my job, I’m a graphic designer for our projects. I also have a side hustle because our boss told us that it’s completely OK. In my second job, I also interview candidates.
That first offer was just the beginning! A month and 19 days later, I got hired as a graphic designer, but then they also thought that I was suitable for the HR associate position because of my new knowledge and skills.
The job offer that changed everything
Become your own boss by mastering the most in-demand and lucrative digital skills →
It takes about 8 months to reload your career with Refocus.
I had no idea that there was an installment program, so those who don’t have enough cash or credit card limit can still enroll in this program. I’m very grateful to Kaye, the career consultant. She never doubted that I could do it, even though the fee was a five-digit number. She helped me with the installment service, and I started studying a month before I made the first payment.
Fund your future to become a digital expert
Get a personal 12-month payment plan for our courses. Consider investing in yourself for the price of ten pizzas a month
I saw Refocus' Facebook ad, which popped up several times. Although I didn’t know anything about digital marketing, I signed up for a free webinar on how to become a marketer from scratch and earn more. It was a great opportunity for me, so I grabbed it. But then I realized that the course was pricey, and I had no money. I thought "It doesn’t matter if I don’t have money. I can just try." So I registered my name.
How I managed to pay for the course

Вооk a consultation

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Course mentors and consultants

Associate Scientist

7 years in data science

Boris Pyakillya

Associate Scientist at NUVISAN ICB GmbH

Skills: ​​Machine learning, computer science, control theory, robotics, Python, C++, Java, and R

Data Analytics Officer

12 years in data analytics

Hero Tolosa

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Officer at RCBC Bankard Services Corporation

Skills: Machine learning, data mining, statistical analysis, SPSS, SAS, Stata, EViews, Python, Power BI, and Klipfolio

Data Analyst

10 years in data analytics

Desireeh Joy C. Deray

Former Workforce and Reporting KPI Lead at Shopee

Has been immersed in the BPO, recruitment, and e-commerce industries

Skills: MS Excel, data analysis and visualization, KPI reporting, queue management, workforce reporting and scheduling, and vendor management

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified

Lead Data Scientist

13 years in data analytics

Millicent Singson

Lead Data Scientist at The SPEED Agency

Skills: Data analysis and visualization, AI, data modeling, machine learning, and requirements analysis

Business Intelligence Developer

9 years in data analytics

Ar Robee Deray

Worked in various industries such as BPO, recruitment, finance and bookkeeping, logistics, and employment recruitment

Skills: Data analysis and visualization, Power BI, MS Excel, Agile, Sprint, Jira, SQL, Xero, DWH, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and OBIEE

Advanced Analytics Manager

6+ years in data analytics, business science, and digital agriculture

Kevin Cuevas, L.Agr.

Previously worked in the fields of digital journalism, economic development, public sector innovation, finance, and digital agriculture

Skills: Excel, Python, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, data visualization, IT product management, strategic planning, decision science, and agricultural science

Senior Data Analyst

More than a decade of experience in BPO and 5+ years in data analytics

Melanie Raymundo

Previous work experience involves performance and process improvement

Skills: Excel, Power BI, root cause analysis, predictive analysis

Green Belt Six Sigma Certified

Data Scientist and Forecaster

3+ years of experience in business intelligence, data engineering, and data analytics

Pauline Jane Mandrilla

Worked with tech companies (as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Shopee PH and as a Forecaster on YouTube’s Data Science, Forecasting, and Insights team)

Skills: MS Excel, Google Sheets, Python, R, SQL, dashboarding tools (Tableau and Looker Studio), forecasting, business development, and revenue growth

Data Analytics Consultant

8 years in data analytics

Mark Esguerra

Worked for Unilab, Schneider Electric, J&J, Reckitt Benckiser, MetroMart, and Pacific HealthWorks

Skills: MS Excel, Google Sheets, Alteryx, Kinaxis Rapid Response, RPA (Blue Prism), data visualization (Tableau and Power BI), affiliate and digital marketing, and project management

Data Scientist and Educator

Specializes in eSports rhythm games analysis and game theory

Julyver Tolentino

Academic Committee Head (Mathematical Society of Mapúa)

Academic Committee Member (Mapúa Gaming Society)

Skills: Feature engineering, data analysis, data visualization, time series analysis, machine learning, and deep learning

Data Analytics Consultant

4+ years in data analytics, data engineering, marketing analytics, and strategy

Jeremiah Tubayan

Previously worked in telecommunications and tech (Globe, Kumu)

Skills: Excel, SQL, R, data visualization (Tableau and Looker Studio), data engineering, strategy, product development, and UX research

MBA student at the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in BS Statistics

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