Data Analytics Mini Course: Spend a Day as a Real Data Analyst at Netflix
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Start learning Excel, SQL, and Python from scratch to earn from PHP60,000
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Together, we will analyze the dataset of IMDb and the best movies on the server:
Work for a global company? It’s possible!
During the workshop, you’ll experience working as a junior data analyst at Netflix and solve real-world tasks.
Which director should Netflix hire for its next film?
What are the most popular movies?
What are the most bankable movies?
• Tried self-studying but had no mentor to guide her, leaving her clueless of where to start
• Wanted to switch her career but lacked the confidence
• Started as a .NET developer bootcamp trainee with a basic salary
• Now earning more than 3x her basic salary before she transitioned to data analytics
• Took on the role of Lead Data Scientist at an Australia-based company
Lead Data Scientist
Millicent Singson
What data analysts actually do
How to get basic knowledge of Excel, SQL, and Python
What the current demand for data analysts is
What skills you need to have to become a data analyst
How to start earning from ₱80,000 in 2023
Watch the lessons, complete easy tasks, and you’ll find out:
Students’ feedback

Rhemo Bacerra

I was feeling pretty lost and unsure about switching careers, but their community manager gave me a push in the right direction during one of their live sessions. I went through the core modules, completed a project, and joined the Career Center. The team there helped me perfect my resume and prep for interviews. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to snag interviews with some major players in the tech industry. And can you believe it? I landed a job at a top IT and telecom company in just 6 months!

"Refocus seriously changed the game for me"

“I got lucky to find a job without even actively looking for one”

Mirasol Flores

I quit my job and decided to focus on finding a new one. I gave myself until January of this year to get something sorted, but I lucked out! I actually got a job in December without even trying that hard. It’s all thanks to Refocus Career Center. I went through their Career Module and the specialists there helped me submit my applications to different companies. And before I knew it, I was getting calls and emails left and right with job offers.

"In just 3 weeks, I accomplished what would have taken me almost a year on my own!"

Joshua Cruz

Refocus seriously streamlined my process. I’m now working with 6 international clients and making around $ 2000 in just 2 months. I’ve tackled projects with data visualization, monitored marketing campaigns using Tableau, and even got to create a super cool dashboard for YouTube analytics. It’s safe to say, I’m loving every minute of it!

Students’ feedback
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Data Analytics Mini Course:
Spend a Day as a Real Data Analyst at Netflix
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Disclaimer: This course is provided by Refocus E-learning Philippines Corp. and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Netflix, Inc. The exercises and processes described in the course materials are meant to simulate the real-life working environment at Netflix, but they may differ from the actual practices and procedures used by the company. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a simulated experience that may help them develop the skills necessary for working in the entertainment industry. However, completion of this course does not guarantee employment at Netflix or any other company. The course is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional advice or guidance. Refocus is not affiliated with or does not guarantee employment with any of the mentioned on the slide companies. The decision on employment lies solely with the company to which the student applies. Refocus prepares students and guides them through the job search process, but the decision on employment lies solely with the companies to which the student applies. The job guarantee is subject to certain limitations as provided in the relevant agreement.
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