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Digital marketing
from Scratch
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Enroll in the 9-month course for beginners with a career center, boost your career, and become demanded specialist.
learn to earn
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Consultancy, career advice, and vacancy search

Career center

Real projects for top companies done in the course


Over 150 hours of theory and practice in online classes

9-month course

Individual mentor feedback and homework review

Expert feedback

Problems addressed

Do you want to earn more for yourself and your family
You’re so bored with your job it puts you to sleep
Your job feels like a dead-end and you don’t see any career opportunities
You don’t feel secure at work and you’re scared of a crisis or another lockdown
Do you fancy working remotely without being confined in an office

This course is for

Rocket your career and make money: find what is needed for business, retain customers and lead to purchase using digital marketing.

Beginners or students

Earn more money through ads: look for weak spots in your marketing strategy and find out where the budget slips away.

Entrepreneurs or marketers

Go take an exciting and well-paid job without stress: master all digital marketing tools from scratch, and practice on a real-life project.

Job changers

Start working on marketing projects from anywhere in the world: learn to launch ads, analyze results and construct hypotheses.

Remote job seekers

Success stories

"Without even realizing that, I switched from being almost directionless to discovering my calling. The more I learned about data, the more I felt drawn to it. Fast forward, I took the Refocus course, and the rest is history."
Mc Gee Alda Acebedo
Millicent Singson
"Good day, I’m Millicent! My data analytics and data science journey started with my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines. I worked as an ICT Business Analyst in 2018 afterwards, but then I felt ready for a career shift. After upskilling and getting a master degree in data science in 2019, I landed a job that paid 2x of my basic salary. By 2021, I’m earning 3x of my basic salary from back then. I never regretted my decision."
I used to be unemployed and didn’t believe in myself but still decided to purchase the Digital Marketing course as it gave me hope. After around 100 days of studying, I created my LinkedIn profile and was hired as an HR Associate at OneTeam soon enough. And all that is thanks to Refocus! I’m really grateful to the community managers who were always checking on us and inspiring us to do our best.

Success stories

Success stories

Success stories

Why digital marketing

No delayed effect — you see the results of your projects in figures

Opportunity to make a difference

Every business needs digital marketing specialist to grow

Stable high salary and bonuses

At home on the couch, in the cafe, on the road or by the sea

From anywhere in the world

Dealing with logic, analysis, and creativity

Interesting work

Digital marketing salary

Senior digital marketing specialist
Middle digital marketing specialist
Junior digital marketing specialist
*Reference on the and
₱50.000 – 70.000*
Average salary
₱80.000 – 120.000*
Average salary
₱30.000 – 45.000*
Average salary

Get ready to start in digital marketing

You will be able to:

9-month interactive video course with actionable money-making skills: tools, best practices and methodology, personal consultations and assistance to find employment.
Use the best from your competitors’ digital marketing strategies
Deal with digital marketing metrics and make data-driven decisions
Launch and manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora
Create eye-catchy and bright ads banners based on your customer needs
Learn how to hold clients using Email, SMM, and repeating ads
Get new clients and increase customer commitment to your product
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Get a consultation

Ask our manager any questions about the course

Course journey

It’s almost like a TV show — episodes are small, clear, and valuable.

Start watching video lessons

There you can ask questions and hang out with other students.

Join community on Slack and Facebook

The lectures come with a lot of homework, instructions and a framework.

Practice, practice, practice

During live sessions with mentors, ask for anything you don’t understand.

Get feedback from marketing guru

Our career center helps you to find a job and prepare for an interview.

Find a dream job with high pay

It’s important to demonstrate your experience to future employers.

Complete projects for portfolio

average score of lessons


students from 6 countries

5 000+



How it works

Our lecturers are from all over the world: Philippines, Russia and the USA

Diverse market professionals

Our career center helps you find a job and prepare for an interview

Portfolio for employment

Only the knowledge that is relevant in practice and helps to earn

Money-making skills

Spend only 4-5 hours a week learning. You can do it right from your phone

Saves your time

Professional feedback

Mentors at the course provide answers to all students’ questions
Program is based on real-life cases from Filipino market

Practice-oriented Approach

Get a consultation from our experts for free.

Are you ready to take off?

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Mentors and speakers of Refocus

Mentors and speakers of Refocus

Mentors and speakers of Refocus

Our experts and mentors work at:

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hours a week
hours of Q&A sessions
hours of lectures
hours of practice

Course materials

But it won’t be possible without students’ dedication and hard work. That’s why they have to comply with certain demands to land a job with our help:

We are 100% confident in our training and can assure our students of our ability to get them employed.

Job Guarantee Policy

follow each step in Career Center process and make required efforts to find a job.
complete all projects and assignments;
complete all the modules within the deadlines;

Our Career Center will lead you to a job offer

"We want to give our students decent well-paid jobs. We know this is exactly what every graduate wishes for. That’s why we pay so much attention to it." Roman Kumar Vyas, founder of Refocus

Vacancies from Refocus partners
Mock interviews with HR-managers
Portfolio, CV, and LinkedIn profile review
Live mentorship from experienced HR-managers
Paolo Villena
Career Manager
Earl Thomas Corregidor III
Career Manager

Your resume after course

Plan SMM, SEO, and email promotion
Choice of digital promotion channels
Work with target audiences and value propositions
Preparate to launch contextual and targeting campaign
Creation and testing of marketing hypotheses
Building up effective marketing strategy from scratch
Analytics and reporting
Compose media plan
Calculate unit economics and improve metrics
Monitor the markets and the analysis competitors
Key Skills:
Digital Marketer
Own instruments:
According to PayScale
Digital Marketer Average Salary:
Refocus, project work
Refocus, Digital Marketing
Full or part-time employment
Time Schedule

Get Refocus Certificate

You can share the course certificates on your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents.

Our students work in:


I’ve been a graphic artist for 10 years. During the pandemic, business became really slow, so I decided to take online courses. I found Refocus and did my research on what a Data Analyst job is. I really liked the fact that I’d be working with data and wanted to take on the challenge. The modules are arranged by difficulty, making it easy to learn. Plus, community managers are very approachable, and I get support any time I need it. I’m currently finishing up module 3 and can’t wait for the next Module.

Jay Anne

I’m currently working as a developer and I always felt I needed additional skills to add to my resume, so I enrolled in the Data Analytics course. I’ve already finished all 3 assignments in Module 3 and I’m so excited. I wish I knew about Refocus earlier because I could have done all my projects better, and it would have been much easier if I had the knowledge I’ve gained from the course before.

Elisha Alfeche

I’m currently finishing my last year in college, and I’m able to combine this with my studies at Refocus just fine because I can create my own schedule. I’m really enjoying it, and I’m even planning to pursue my Masters in this field. I’m in Module 3 right now, and I’m even more excited to learn more because Refocus gave me such a unique opportunity.

Prince Abraham Gacusan

Joining Refocus was the best option to find a proper source of income. I was quite surprised because one of the weaknesses I had before was working with computers. But after I discovered Refocus and took the Data Analytics Course, I learned how to easily adapt and use the power of computers to my advantage. I am currently almost halfway through Module 3. The lessons are getting more and more exciting, and I can’t wait to start my career as a data analyst.

Paul Uy

know what to do next. And then I came across Refocus. My whole view of online learning has changed drastically. Refocus has made the videos so interesting that it felt like I knew the speaker on a personal level. I am in Module 3.1 now, working on the home assignment. I am enjoying the discussions with my cohort on how to better understand SQL. I am proud of myself for wanting to learn more and more each day because of my experience with Refocus.

Bea Azcuna

Because of Refocus, I switched from being almost directionless to discovering my calling. The more I learned about data, the more I felt drawn to it. I chose Refocus because the course is laid out well. An entire team of mentors supports you through every step of the course. And what’s more important is that they helped me land my first job in IT, and now I am working as a data analyst in an international company and getting paid twice as much.

Mc Gee Alda Acebedo

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