How to become a marketer from scratch
Study a step-by-step-plan to become a top-notch professional and create ads that bring customers
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APRIL 8, 4 pm

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4 pm (Manila)
April 8
— Brand Communications Manager
— Podcast host at Wondering with Monica
— Founder of Next Book, Please
— MBA at De La Salle University
— Management Program II at Ateneo de Manila University Webinar Speaker
Monica is an expert at Brand Communications and a podcast host. Like no one else, she knows how to achieve success in marketing and how to turn work into pleasure.

Monica Lerit

Find out
Why the demand for internet marketers is growing so fast
What an internet marketer should know and do
What the prospects for a Digital Marketer are
Нow to become a professional in internet marketing and start making money step by step
This webinar is for you, if you want a huge shift in our career:
Get fresh knowledge that will help you stay confident and find highly-paid job
Work remotely, earn and spend quality time with your family
Raise your quality of life as you work abroad and have a perspective

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April 8, 4 pm
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«How to become a marketer from scratch»

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