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You will analyze data, build marketing campaigns, make promotional materials, and become fully prepared for a new career.
Job garantee
9 months
Digital Marketing
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You will analyze data, create detailed reports, and help your company achieve business goals using relevant data analytics tools.
Job garantee
8 months
Data Analytics
60% OFF
You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other professional tools to create web pages and websites from scratch.
Job garantee
10 months
Web Development
Success stories and testimonials
Join our students on their life-changing journeys as they share their stories and experiences. Scroll down the page, watch the videos, and get inspired.
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Izzabel Lasala Jimenez: "Due to my pregnancy and delivery last November, I am only halfway through the course, but I’ve already landed a DA job. I am now a report analyst at a well-known global marketing services company. Even if I was not yet done with the Power BI and Python modules, I still got hired after job hunting for a month. What more if I already finished the course?"
Reports analyst at Harte Hanks earning 2x more than her previous salary
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Mc Gee Alda Acebedo: "Without even realizing that, I switched from being almost directionless to discovering my calling. The more I learned about data, the more I felt drawn to it. Fast forward, I took the Refocus course, and the rest is history."
Data analyst for a US-based company earning ₱75,000 monthly
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Cap Hernandez: "The course was much more than just a structured approach to learning. It provided me with a thorough understanding of digital marketing, covering everything from the basics to the most advanced concepts."
Country manager at a digital advertising agency in Hong Kong and digital marketing consultant
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Vicente H.: "Before starting my journey, I was a utility worker or an administrative aide for a government organization, earning a minimum wage. I now earn six times more than my previous salary, and this is just after finishing the Core part of the course. I’m excited about what else is in store for me when I complete the Advanced part!"
Business analyst earning 6x more than his previous salary
Joshua Cruz: Now, I’ve been getting 3-5 job offers or invites per week even though I’m not looking for anything apart from my freelance projects. Some of them even offer as much as 90K per month!”
Part-time freelance data analyst earning ₱100,000 monthly
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Mirasol Flores: I was going to start applying 6 months after I started studying, but the career center helped me find a job a month before. I completed my CV, followed their instructions, and started getting 5-10 calls from recruiters weekly.”
Report analyst earning ₱34,000 monthly. A proud mother of two who works from home
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Rhemo Bacerra: “Refocus not only helped me upskill and shift careers but also assisted me in landing a job at a major IT and telecommunications company in a short period of time.”
Data analyst after 6 months of studying at Refocus
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Shei: “When you apply course modules in real life, they become 20 times bigger. I was able to use them almost immediately, which helped me quickly find a job. Now, I can manage my time on my own terms. This is the lifestyle of a digital nomad that we are all pursuing in this industry.”
Got hired by a US-based company after 2 months of taking the course
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Alexis Bea: “The best thing for me was that the learning was completely newbie-friendly. It is easy for someone who doesn’t have experience in data analytics like myself.”
People system analyst for a US-based law firm earning ₱50,000 monthly
From doubt to confidence: exclusive interviews
A 9-year journey to the dream
41-year-old Filipino Mc Gee Acebedo shares his true story of ups and downs on the way to changing his life for the better and becoming an individual to be proud of. Learn how he was able to do this with the help of Refocus.
Getting out of his comfort zone to chase a dream
Joshua Cruz was a hardworking student who continued his studies as a food technologist. But that life didn’t connect with his vision of living the digital nomad lifestyle he always dreamed of. Learn how he was able to accomplish this with the help of Refocus.


Currently enrolled in the Data Analytics course

Thanks to Refocus, I was able to turn my passion for analytics into a fulfilling career. Because of my family’s support, the flexibility of the course, and the help of community managers and mentors, I was able to overcome challenges and stay on track with my studies. I recently resigned from my previous job and am now focused on finding a new position as a data analyst, with high hopes for my future. I encourage others considering a career shift to pursue their dreams and ensure they have a strong support system in place to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Chesna Fermano

Current student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3

Joining Refocus was the best option to find a proper source of income. I was quite surprised because one of the weaknesses I had before was working with computers. But after I discovered Refocus and took the Data Analytics course, I learned how to easily adapt and use the power of computers to my advantage. I am currently almost halfway through Module 3. The lessons are getting more and more exciting, and I can’t wait to start my career as a data analyst.

Paul Uy

Сurrent student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3

I’m currently working as a developer and I always felt I needed additional skills to add to my resume, so I enrolled in the Data Analytics course. I've already finished all three assignments in Module 3, and I'm so excited. I wish I knew about Refocus earlier because I could have done all my projects better, and it would have been much easier if I had the knowledge I’ve gained from the course before.

Elisha Alfeche

I worked in a judicial academy for 19 years and was at a point in my life where I did not know what to do next. And then I came across Refocus. My whole view of online learning has changed drastically. Refocus has made the videos so interesting that it felt like I knew the speaker on a personal level. I am in Module 3.1 now, working on the home assignment. I am enjoying the discussions with my cohort on how to better understand SQL. I am proud of myself for wanting to learn more and more each day because of my experience with Refocus.

Current student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3.1

Bea Azcuna

College graduate, current student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3

I’m currently finishing my last year in college, and I’m able to combine this with my studies at Refocus just fine because I can create my own schedule. I’m really enjoying it, and I’m even planning to pursue my masters in this field. I’m in Module 3 right now, and I’m even more excited to learn more because Refocus gave me such a unique opportunity.

Prince Abraham Gacusan

Сurrent student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3

I’ve been a graphic artist for 10 years. During the pandemic, business became really slow, so I decided to take online courses. I found Refocus and did my research on what a data analyst job is. I really liked the fact that I’d be working with data and wanted to take on the challenge. The modules are arranged by difficulty, making it easy to learn. Plus, community managers are very approachable, and I get support any time I need it. I’m currently finishing up Module 3 and can’t wait for the next one.

Jay Anne

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Read more stories about Mc Gee in the media:
In 2012, I got married, and my wife was offered a job abroad. Together, we decided to start from scratch, leave our old lives, and move to Oman. For the next 7 years, I did administrative work for a small computer company: installing software on computers and setting up networks for schools. This is where I first got acquainted with Excel. Then I learned to work only with basic formulas and diagrams, but my knowledge was already progressing.
A new career round
I asked if there is a possibility for me to move to the Data Analyst position once I get a certificate from Refocus. To my surprise, the HR immediately relayed my question to the SME department — and I was offered an interview for this position. And, believe it or not, I succeeded!
After 3 months of taking the course, a friend recommended a position in Technical Support at an American company. The offer seemed interesting to me, but at the same time, another open vacancy-a data analyst one-seemed much more enjoyable. But then I thought it was still too early to think about it — I needed to finish my studies, get a certificate, and gain experience first. That’s why I applied for the Technical Support Engineer post and went on an interview, which seemed successful to me.
An offer that changed my life
Now my schedule is super busy, but it’s so worth it! I can finally develop and earn enough to provide my family with a comfortable life. My family is my constant motivation for what I do. I am ready to constantly improve myself. I’m sure anything is possible if you have a goal!
Combining work, study, and family
My career started at a call center — for two years, I worked on the line and answered calls. Then I worked at the contact center for 7 years as a Level 3 Technical Support agent. However, I wanted to develop more skills and move up to a position that would give me more pay and new challenges or problems to solve.
41-year-old Filipino Mc Gee Acebedo shares his true story of ups and downs on the way to changing his life for the better and becoming an individual to be proud of. Learn how he was able to do this with the help of Refocus.
Perhaps it’s time to make your own decision?
We have an up-to-date curriculum to help students start their journey and eventually land a job with a 100% guarantee.
It was at this moment that I came across Refocus' advertisement. It seemed to me that data analysis was exactly what I wanted to do. I like to sort things out, find solutions, and analyze in general. It looked like a profession that could help me develop my career and provide for my family. So I made the decision!
After I quit my last job, I couldn’t find anything stable for a while. For two years, my entire income depended on all kinds of side hustles, which developed my analytical and marketing skills but also did not give me any stability. My wife’s contract ended, which made us decide to move back to the Philippines.
Jobless for two years
I chose Refocus because of its career center and the support from mentors. And when I started studying, I realized that these were not empty words. Community managers helped me with all the difficulties, and I gradually began to understand more and more complex things-from Excel and SQL to Python even. I couldn’t wait to finish the course and start looking for a full-time job in a new specialty, but things happened quicker than I expected.
Without even realizing that, I switched from being almost directionless to discovering my calling. The more I learned about data, the more I felt drawn to it. Fast forward, I took the Refocus course, and the rest is history.
Remote work at a U.S.-based company
Data analyst
After Refocus
Call center operator
Before Refocus
Mc Gee Alda Acebedo, 41 y.o.
Start earning over ₱60,000 as a data analyst with Refocus.
Focus on what's important →
But what if you don't have the time?
Digital company empowers student to work and learn simultaneously
A full-timer's flexible class schedule
I'm sure data analytics will open many doors for me: I've been dreaming of having a digital nomad lifestyle and traveling the world, and I'm now finally able to afford it without being too tight on my budget.
Make your dreams come true
by mastering the most in-demand and lucrative skills on the market.
That was when I saw the Refocus advertisement. The idea that they offer a job guarantee motivated me; at that time, I was a bit tired of learning without getting visible results. So by the end of September, I started my systematic studying. When I enrolled in the Refocus course, I already knew some of the basics, but there was a lot more to study. I was not knowledgeable of SQL, and I knew just nothing about business intelligence (BI), which appeared to be a must for data analysts. And, of course, some tricky problems appeared even from topics that were already familiar to me.
Then I tried looking for a freelance project but didn’t get a single reply to any of the messages I sent, and believe me–there were a lot of them. At that point, I was confused: I knew about data analysis but couldn’t apply it in real life. The more I got acquainted with data analysis, the more I understood that it was not just a hobby for me. If I could get a job in this field, I would be able to earn two or three times more than I did as a food technologist.
I got introduced to the data analysis area during my postgraduate studies in food technology, where we had a course that used R, and I was fascinated. It might seem that working with data is boring – but it’s not at all! Well, at least not for me. The idea that one can tell stories from numbers impressed me, and I wanted to learn more about this. I watched YouTube videos, took Coursera courses, and even got a certificate in Google Analytics all by myself. The amount of information was overwhelming, but I was so excited to learn more about data that I spent hours studying it every day.
Shortly after my first few projects, I signed resignation documents from my previous job. I still have to wait a bit till my contract expires, but I am proud to call myself a data analyst. Now, I’ve been getting 3-5 job offers or invites per week even though I’m not looking for anything apart from my freelance projects. Some of them even offer as much as 90K per month!
So, with Refocus, I did something I would have done for almost a year in just 3 weeks – I found my first freelance project! So far, I have worked with a total of 16 international clients, which makes me earn around 60-90K monthly, depending on how much time I spend. Some of the projects required data visualization, and there was one that involved monitoring marketing campaigns in Power BI and Tableau. But my favorite project would probably be creating an intricate dashboard for YouTube analytics.
Freelancing part-time
Data analyst
After Refocus
On-site full-time
Food technologist
Before Refocus
Joshua Cruz, 29 y.o.
I received my Bachelor's Degree in Food Technology and have worked in this area for six years. My work involved analyzing food ingredients – we evaluated whether or not materials could be used for production operations. I was paid pretty decently for this job, but at some point, I felt unsure of being in this profession my whole life. I can't say that my job as a food technologist was unfulfilling or that I don't like it at all. It's just that I felt it was not entirely for me after being in this space for six whole years. I think it's a pretty common thing, to be honest: everything is seemingly good, but something is just not right.
Joshua Cruz was a hardworking student who continued his studies as a food technologist. But that life didn’t connect with his vision of living the digital nomad lifestyle he always dreamed of. Learn how he was able to accomplish this with the help of Refocus.
It takes 8 months to reload your career with Refocus. Become your own boss by mastering data analytics.
Overall, I am extremely grateful for the support and guidance provided by Refocus. They not only helped me upskill and shift my career but also land a job at a major IT and telecommunications company in a short period of time. The flexibility of the course, the guidance of the support team, and the resources provided by Refocus helped me overcome my doubts and achieve my goal of becoming a data analyst. I have gained a deeper understanding of the field and have developed a portfolio of projects I can present to potential employers. I am excited to start my new career as a data analyst, and I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained will help me excel in this field. I highly recommend Refocus to anyone looking to upskill or shift careers.
Data analyst at ePLDT
After Refocus
Technical sales engineer
Before Refocus
Rhemo Bacerra, 26 y.o.
Initially, I had doubts about my ability to secure a data analyst position given my lack of background in the field and the course’s short time frame. However, during one of the live sessions, Refocus introduced me to the idea of career shifting and provided me with the guidance and opportunity to explore this option. I completed the core modules and a project and decided to apply to Refocus' career center. They gave me guidance in creating my resume and answering interview questions. With their help, I was able to secure numerous interview opportunities with big companies in the digital industry. To my surprise, I was able to secure a job at a major IT and telecommunications company within a 6-month period. The guidance and resources Refocus provided helped me overcome my doubts and achieve my goal of becoming a data analyst.
Don’t pass up the opportunity to master an in-demand digital profession from scratch and become a data analyst in 2023.
With Refocus, finding a new job is almost as fast and easy as searching on Google.
As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, I saw the potential for growth in this field. I attempted to learn Cisco through online videos, but without proper guidance and structure, I found it difficult to make progress. Unfortunately, the pandemic also caused financial strain, and I could not afford to enroll in a course. Despite these challenges, I didn't give up on my goal. I kept searching for opportunities to learn and grow.
"Refocus not only helped me upskill and shift careers but also assisted me in landing a job at a major IT and telecommunications company in a short period of time."
My name is Rhemo. I am a 26-year-old technical sales engineer with 4 years of experience in the lighting industry. I have a strong background in lighting products and control systems and have undergone extensive training in the field. However, during the pandemic, when my work slowed down, I realized that I wanted to expand my skills and learn more about networking systems and products to have more opportunities for advancement.
The structure of Refocus' teaching and the specific information they provided were extremely helpful in preparing me for a data analyst job. I was also impressed by their support team, which was always available to help me with any questions or concerns I had. Refocus provided me with the resources and support I needed to not only upskill but also shift to being a data analyst.
Additionally, Refocus offered a job guarantee, self-paced learning, partnerships with many IT companies, and a payment option I could handle. All these factors made it seem like a great opportunity for me to learn data analytics. The only factor that held me back was my own motivation to study hard. If I had been able to study full-time, I am confident that I would have been able to complete the course in less than 6 months. But since I was still working while studying data analytics, I could only study a couple of hours at night and during the weekends. Despite this, Refocus has been incredibly supportive and understanding of people who have jobs but want to upskill or shift careers. They offer a great flexibility that allows me to balance my work and studies.
In 2022, my financial situation improved and I had some extra money to enroll in a course. I stumbled upon an ad for Refocus’ Data Analytics course, a 8-month program that caught my attention as it was related to the digital industry. I was interested in learning a skill that would ensure finding a job would not be difficult in case of another pandemic or lockdown.
that fits your schedule
Flexible learning
= everything you need to boost your career
that ensures you get an offer
Job guarantee
from community managers and mentors
specialists’ support on the 3rd month of studying
Career center
Shei recorded a video where she talked about her experience in more detail. Get a dose of motivation from this former stay-at-home mom who found her dream job!
When you apply course modules in real life, they become 20 times bigger. I was able to use them almost immediately, which helped me quickly find a job. Now, I can manage my time on my own terms. This is the lifestyle of a digital nomad that we are all pursuing in this industry!
My main point is: always do your best. I always say to my colleagues: slow but steady. You can achieve anything you put your mind to.
Lessons I gained while taking the course
Last year, I was an unemployed full-time mom with zero knowledge of digital marketing. Of course, I didn’t have extra money for enrolling in a course, but I was determined to pursue something for myself anyway. I always knew that I had a place somewhere. This place appeared to be the Refocus Digital Academy.
I’m not ashamed to promote Refocus because it already offers all the benefits people are looking for in education. And now I want to share my biggest accomplishment.
I also created a Facebook page for those who want to find a job. I didn’t expect that it will grow to 976 members in just 5 days!
When I got the job, I wanted to help other people like me who had zero knowledge of marketing but wanted to start. So I started looking for people on the Refocus page who were interested in enrolling in the course. I reached out to them, and some of them messaged me. I had a bunch of requests and passed their contact info to Refocus’ community managers. Then I got the idea to introduce Refocus to my boss and scheduled a meeting with him and the community manager. It would be great if all my colleagues had the opportunity to learn through Refocus’ course.
If I could do this, anybody can
Remote HR and graphic designer at OTSY
After Refocus
Unemployed full-time mom
Before Refocus
Arlensheila Reyes, 45 y.o.
In module 2, we were required to make LinkedIn and Indeed accounts, which I never had before. So I told myself: since I’m paying for this course, I’m going to make everything I’m supposed to. I created my accounts and followed every instruction from the module.
The first breakthrough
Then 3 days later, someone reached out to me via LinkedIn and offered me a job with a salary of ₱45,000 per month. I was shocked! Unfortunately, I couldn’t accept the offer because it wasn’t a remote job. Just imagine: I could’ve paid all my Refocus’ fees in just one salary! It was very motivating.
Now, I earn and pay my monthly fee to Refocus. I’ll always remember how our community manager Steven encouraged me — he was positive that I could do anything. And I'm really grateful to the community team for checking on our progress and inspiring us to do our best.
As an HR associate, I’m responsible for conducting initial interviews with candidates. In the second part of my job, I’m a graphic designer for our projects. I also have a side hustle because our boss told us that it’s completely OK. In my second job, I also interview candidates.
That first offer was just the beginning! A month and 19 days later, I got hired as a graphic designer, but then they also thought that I was suitable for the HR associate position because of my new knowledge and skills.
The job offer that changed everything
Become your own boss by mastering the most in-demand and lucrative digital skills →
It takes about 8 months to reload your career with Refocus.
I had no idea that there was an installment program, so those who don’t have enough cash or credit card limit can still enroll in this program. I’m very grateful to Kaye, the career consultant. She never doubted that I could do it, even though the fee was a five-digit number. She helped me with the installment service, and I started studying a month before I made the first payment.
Fund your future to become a digital expert
Get a personal 12-month payment plan for our courses. Consider investing in yourself for the price of ten pizzas a month
I saw Refocus’ Facebook ad, which popped up several times. Although I didn’t know anything about digital marketing, I signed up for a free webinar on how to become a marketer from scratch and earn more. It was a great opportunity for me, so I grabbed it. But then I realized that the course was pricey, and I had no money. I thought “It doesn’t matter if I don’t have money. I can just try.” So I registered my name.
How I managed to pay for the course
Moreover, I’ve learned a lot of things that aren't really in the curriculum. The training taught me how to plan and follow schedules strictly, be good at time management, and devote time to learning skills that will help me gain more opportunities. I learned to see the bigger picture through the struggle. I imagined that my struggles while studying the course would eventually lead me to great opportunities, leadership roles, and higher compensation.
The best thing for me was that the learning was completely newbie-friendly. It is easy for someone who doesn’t have experience in data analytics like myself. But of course, being adept in the basics of Excel and being technically knowledgeable will make everything easier. I did face some struggles, but it was worth it. I would say Power BI is the most interesting part of the training. It’s really challenging but fulfilling and rewarding to learn. Most companies and work opportunities, especially those that offer higher pay, require advanced knowledge of Power BI, as you’ll be able to create a visual presentation and analysis that will make decision-making easier.
After 2.5 months, I found my current job: a people system analyst at a law firm. I usually run reports, resolve queries, ensure accuracy, prepare business documents, monitor HRIS systems, and maintain data integrity. I also analyze and report the need for system enhancement or customization. Along with that, I’m responsible for inputting data and ensuring they are accurately entered and maintained in SuccessFactors, SAP, and other applicable systems. When I saw this position on Reddit, I was really excited as visuals and report creation and PowerPoint were my niche. I just really need to improve systematically and technically, and that’s what I’m doing now.
I felt the job I had was fulfilling, and I wanted to improve my current skill set. That’s when I decided to study data analytics with Refocus. Deciding to enroll in Refocus wasn’t really a tough decision, as you’ll see a lot of good feedback about it online. The only dilemma I had was if I should study while working or quit my job so I could focus on studying, which ultimately led me to quit my work.
My name is Alexis, and I’m 25. Before working in data analytics, I used to work as an assistant manager for our own business. I really enjoyed it. However, business was going well, so it wasn't really necessary for me to stay. I decided to learn more about the tech industry, so joined a BPO under Apple’s Tech Support. As I was working and loving what I was doing, I saw an opportunity to become a part of a law firm’s legal tech department, and I decided to grab it.
The best thing for me was that the learning was completely newbie-friendly. It is easy for someone who doesn’t have experience in data analytics like myself.
Data analytics is a field that offers a lot of responsibilities everyone would enjoy. The nature of the industry itself is unique in that the tasks of data analysts in different companies significantly vary. So don’t be afraid to try and find something for yourself. Because of the training, I’m now much braver to venture into new opportunities. I know I’m now prepared and trained. I’m assured that if all else fails, I have something to rely on, and I can continuously improve my skills with the help of the Refocus course.
Data analytics is an in-demand field that can be entered quickly with the right resources.
Start your journey with our comprehensive course and hands-on learning →
Boost your career and salary by mastering the most in-demand and lucrative digital skills on the market →
With the right tools and techniques, mastering data analytics skills is easier than you think.
Alexis was a guest in an Online Kumustahan organized by community managers where he shared about his employment with other students. Watch it if you're seeking career advice!
Hybrid work setup
People system analyst at a US-based law firm
After Refocus
On-site full-time
Technical support manager
Before Refocus
Alexis Bea, 25 y.o.