Best tips for newbies in the IT sphere: a quick and successful start
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February 1, 7 pm, Manila time
According to, is no. 1 website in the Philippines as to the traffic increase coefficient in August 2022.
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This webinar is for you if you want to:
Work as a web developer and know the basics
Know your perspective as a web developer
Find out what you need to learn to start in web development
Make a great shift in your career but don’t know where to start
Learn more about the profession
  • Started learning coding on his own in 2020
  • Lost his job during the pandemic in 2020 and realized that he needed to find a remote and stable job
  • Got a prestigious job as a front-end developer at Union Bank of the Philippines
Julian Basco
  • Now earning more than 6x his basic salary
Frontend Developer at the Union Bank of the Philippines
  • Earned his first $ 300 after 2 months then started freelancing
  • Also takes freelance projects
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Each participant gets a guide
Top 5 Mistakes Beginners in Web Development Should Avoid
Who web developers are and what they do
How to start in IT if you are a newbie
Why web developers are in demand
How to switch careers and double your income
What the advantages of working in IT are
Find out
What the first steps you need to do in web development are

Students’ feedback

Webinars at Refocus always motivate me to do and learn more. Thank you to the whole team who’s working on it!

Joshua Reyes

I really enjoyed the webinar. The content was so useful and easy to follow, and I learned so many insights about Web Development. Well done, Refocus! I’ll definitely join more webinars like this. They are so helpful.

Gloria Dimaano

I now recommend Refocus to all my friends who are thinking about changing their career. Speakers break down for you all the insights about the field and help you understand whether it's your thing or not. Thank you, Refocus!

Alon Valdez

Thank you for the webinar, Refocus. Now I know that it’s not that scary to switch to a new career and start working remotely as a Web Developer.


To be honest, I was zero at Web Development but always wanted to dive into this field. Now, thanks to this webinar, I already know what it is all about. I really want to enroll in the course, learn more, and switch my career.

Luna Solis

I enjoy the Refocus webinars. They are so insightful. Speakers do an amazing job. If you are a beginner and want to upgrade yourself, you should join for sure! Thank you, Refocus ❤️

Amado Lim

Students’ feedback

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Best tips for newbies in the IT sphere: a quick and successful start
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February 1, 7 pm, Manila time
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