How to start in Web Development from scratch
Build your career in web development on a firm foundation
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Free webinar
September 28, 7 pm, Manila time
• Full Stacked Web Developer
• More than 4 years of eхperience
Julian Basco
This webinar is for you if you want to:
Work as a web developer and know the basics
Know your perspective as a web developer
Find out what you need to learn to start in web development
Make a great shift in your career but don’t know where to start
Learn more about the profession
Webinar speaker
Julian Basco
  • ReactJs, Firebase, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Creates/implements designs using diverse technologies
  • A Frontend Developer and a teacher
Find out
Who web developers are and what they do
Where you could learn the basics
Why web developers are in demand
How to make a competitive portfolio
What you need to know to become a pro
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How to start in Web Development from scratch
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September 28, 7 pm, Manila time
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