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Job guarantee

Get a remote job with a ₱60,000 salary after finishing the course

Remote work

Work on real projects for top companies throughout the course


Over 100 hours of online classes that cover both theory and practice

10-month course

Web Development is your path to creativity and independence

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The demand for Web Developers is skyrocketing
Work from anywhere in the world
Exciting and challenging tasks
Stable high salary with bonuses
Great career set up for the rest of your life
Companies looking for web developers
> 4,000
Open vacancies on the market
> 40,000
per month
working remotely
Earn ₱60,000

This course is for you, if you want to:

Learn how to use JavaScript, React, HTML/CSS, and Git, and work as a web developer from anywhere in the world.

Work remotely for international companies

Join a high-paying field full of exciting tasks. Master the tools and start taking freelance projects after just 3−4 months of studying.

Switch to a new and successful career

Move up the career ladder. Master the skills that will allow you to triple your salary.

Upgrade your skills and get promoted

We made the perfect environment for you to start off in Web Development

Spend around 5-10 hours a week studying. You can learn anytime, anywhere.
Flexible learning
Get a valuable certificate after completing the course, and include it in your CV.
Refocus certificate
Our mentors will support you throughout the course and answer all your questions.
Professional feedback
We will provide you with up-to-date knowledge that will help you earn more.
Profitable skills
You’ll be guided by professional lecturers with years of practical experience in web development.
Top-tier mentors
Our program is based on real cases in the Philippine and international markets that will not only challenge you but also give you priceless knowledge.
Practice-focused classes

Job Guarantee Policy

We are 100% confident you’ll get a job. Just follow these simple rules, and we will help you start a career in Web Development.

Job Guarantee Policy
Follow each step in the Career Center’s process, and make the required efforts to find a job
Finish all the projects and assignments
Complete all the modules within the deadlines
Job vacancies from Refocus partners
Mock interviews with HR managers
Portfolio, CV, and LinkedIn profile reviews
Live mentorship from experienced HR managers

Our Career Center will help you land a job

Success story

“After finishing Electronics and Communications Engineering in college, I started working as a die maintenance engineer in a car horn factory. After 6 months, my wife and I decided to try applying as a software engineer. We studied the basics of C++ and landed a job in an IT company. When I realized the potential of programming, I started taking crash courses and watching tutorial videos to improve my knowledge and skills. In 2015, I started working as a full-stack web developer. Now I’m leading a team of developers, and I’m really happy with all the experiences I’ve gained and the decisions I’ve made. I can say that I have achieved the salary and have gotten the job that I really prayed for.”

Switched from die maintenance engineering to web development
John Sabado
Adrian Ardais Success stories

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The course speakers and mentors
The course speakers and mentors

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The data on the number of participants is updated every 24 hours. Be sure to get a place on the course before it's all taken.
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