You work in Refocus and want to help your friends share their expertise, too - we want to have them on our team!
Help your friend become a speaker and start earning + $50 per lesson
Refocus is looking for mentors
Refocus is a global online educational platform for reskillers, marketers and entrepreneurs. We are looking for experienced professionals in digital marketing, data analysis, web development & QA engineering to become our speakers.
We reimburse our speakers’ travel expenses if they have to commute
is ready to participate in lesson recording in Jakarta
has cases that he or she is proud of
can explain the topic he chooses with simple words
has 2 years+ of experience in digital marketing
We would be perfect for each other, if your friend:
Invite as many people as you want to become a Refocus speaker and get + $50 per lesson for each new approved speaker.
The number of recommendations is unlimited
What Refocus speakers do
Record lessons: video content.
Preparation time: 5-7 hours (1 lesson).
Create lessons: content, presentations and additional materials.
Share practical experience: focus on practical real cases on each lesson.
What we help with
Invest in your personal brand development
Give feedback and support at every stage of preparation
Provide help with content preparation and its adaptation from our designers and production team
Our speakers have
As a part of educational creative team a speaker can prove his or her professionalism and industry expertise. That helps them and their company be in-demand.
Industry expertise
If your team needs qualified specialists, you will be able to hire our course graduates who have real practical experience and fresh view on business before they enter the job market.
Hiring opportunities
We acknowledge our speakers in our advertising communications and launch large-scale advertising campaigns to promote them. We invite them to participate in promo webinars viewed by 20 000+ people to increase their brand awareness.
How can I recommend a friend
and get my +$50
The number of referrals is unlimited
Our first video lecture is done!
You get your +$50 per each lesson!
We sign a contract and set up a first video recording
We get in touch with your friend
You recommend
your friend
I want to recommend a friend
and get +$50 for my lessons
Refocus Referral Application Form:
PT Digital Edukasi Plus
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NIB: 0810210017096