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After the course you can get a remote job with ₱60,000 salary

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Real projects for top companies done in the course
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The data on the number of participants is being updated every 24 hours. Be sure to get a place on the course before all of them are taken.
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Real projects for top companies done in the course


Consultancy, career advice, and vacancy search from our career center

100% Job guarantee

After the course you can get a remote job with ₱60,000 salary

Remote work

Over 100 hours of theory and practice in online classes

7-month course

*According to jobstreet.com.ph and indeed.com

Data Analytics is your path to ambitious goals

Stable high salary and bonuses
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This course is for you, if you want to:

Join a highly-paying field full of interesting tasks. You will master data analytics tools, use them in real projects and become an in-demand IT professional.

Start a new successful career

Start working on projects in the field of data analytics from anywhere in the world. Learn how to use Excel, SQL, Power BI and Python to solve any task.

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Perfect environment to start off in data analytics

Our lecturers are from all over the world: the Philippines, Europe and the USA.

Qualified teachers

Course mentors support students and give answers to their questions.

Professional feedback

The Refocus program is based on real cases from the Philippine market.

Practice-oriented approach

Refocus provides you with relevant practical knowledge that helps you earn.

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Spend around 5 – 10 hours a week on studies. You can learn anywhere and anytime.

Flexible learning

Our Career Center helps you find a job and prepare for an interview.

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But it won’t be possible without students’ dedication and hard work. That’s why they have to comply with certain demands to land a job with our help:

We are 100% confident in our training and can assure our students of our ability to get them employed.

Job Guarantee Policy

follow each step in Career Center process and make required efforts to find a job.
complete all projects and assignments;
complete all the modules within the deadlines;

Our Career Center will lead you to a job offer

"We want to give our students decent well-paid jobs. We know this is exactly what every graduate wishes for. That’s why we pay so much attention to it." Roman Kumar Vyas, founder of Refocus

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Course materials

Understanding a profession of a data analyst
You will learn:

  • who data analysts are and what they do;
  • the difference between a data analyst, a data engineer, a data scientist and a system analyst;
  • what companies need data analysts;
  • how to start a career in data analytics and what the prospects are (career ladder);
  • how to find a job in an international company;
  • how the profession of a data analyst helps move to a different country.
Creating basic reports using Excel
You will learn to:

  • use Excel functions and formulas;
  • analyze data with pivot tables and VLOOKUPs;
  • create simple analytical reports in Excel;
  • use basic rendering techniques.
Uploading and preparing data using SQL
You will learn to:

  • understand database structures.
  • write database queries using SQL.
  • parse data from multiple tables with JOIN.
  • work with different types of data.
Calculating and analyzing business metrics
You will learn to:

  • understand key business metrics;
  • use SQL at an advanced level;
  • use descriptive statistics: mean, median, mode, standard deviation.
Automating analytics using Python
You will learn to:

  • understand the basics of Python programming;
  • use Jupyter Notebook/Lab;
  • load and analyze data with Pandas;
  • understand the basics of Numpy data processing;
  • create charts and graphs with Matplotlib/Seaborn.
Conducting AB-tests and creating dashboards using PowerBI
You will learn to:

  • conduct hypothesis testing;
  • load and analyze data with PowerBI;
  • use stat methods to analyze data;
  • visualize data with PowerBI.
Conducting real-life business model review and presenting results
You will learn to:

  • formulate a business problem and select relevant metrics;
  • independently choose the best tools for a specific task in data analytics;
  • draw problem-oriented conclusions;
  • prepare a clear business presentation.
Preparing for job search in Data Analytics
You will learn to:

  • make your CV stand out;
  • find the suitable data analyst job vacancies;
  • write cover letters and responses to job postings;
  • answer recruiters’ questions during the interview;
  • answer technical questions of the interviewer.
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The data on the number of participants is being updated every 24 hours. Be sure to get a place on the course before all of them are taken.
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Can I join the course without any experience in data analytics?
It’s not necessary to be an expert in data analytics to enroll in this course. However, if you have some basic understanding of Excel or SQL, it will be an advantage.
When do course classes start?
You can study anytime you want after the course has started. Just remember that you will get access to each module at a predetermined time.
How many hours per week do I need to learn?
We encourage our students to devote to the tasks 5 – 10 hours a week to complete the course. There are over 100 hours of lectures. You have about 6 projects, both individual and group ones.
Can I complete the modules not in the order in which they are uploaded?
No, you should complete the modules in the right order and do all the assignments before moving on to the next module.
Are there any group activities?
After the course starts, we'll create a channel in Messenger with all the course students included. You will be able to chat with like-minded people and ask questions to your curators there.
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