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Course curriculum
Digital Marketing Course
Module 1
Intro into the course

  • Learning environment
  • The structure of the program
  • Studying tips
  • Getting to know each other
  • Goal-setting
  • Networking

Intro into Digital Marketing

  • The types of marketing and how their differences
  • Basic marketing terms
  • Kinds of digital marketing specialists
  • How to make LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters
  • The structure of the marketing team

Digital Marketing strategy

  • Goals of the module
  • Why and how to create Digital Marketing strategy
  • What should be done before a marketing specialist starts using client's money
  • Why we need to do all these things before creating digital assets
  • The general rules of creating and testing content
  • What test'n'learn is
  • Checklist for the steps needed for launch of ad campaigns
  • The overall process of conducting competitors analysis
  • What is unit economics
  • Analyzing competitors' business model and brand positioning
  • Analyzing digital assets of your competitors
  • Analyzing targeting of digital assets
  • Analyzing contextual advertising of your competitors
  • Analyzing competitors' marketing funnel
  • Analyzing competitors' social media and PR content
  • Analyzing competitors' retention/CRM marketing
  • Methods of researching B2B competitors

    Target audience analysis
  • Why to analyze product audience
  • Methods of researching B2B competitors
  • Methods of research: desk research, JBTD, custdev

    Target audience analysis
  • How to do desk research on your audience

  • How to use surveys
  • What custdev and JBTD are
  • The steps you need to make to conduct research using JBTD

    How to prepare for the interview

    How to find your respondents
  • How to hold the interviews
  • How to choose the questions
  • How to analyze the data
  • How to implement the results

    Understand the stages of making CJM

    Gathering and analyzing data

    Creating persona
  • Learn how to improve it: list of steps to improve the funnel

    Creating a funnel

    Implementing and testing

    Module 2
    Creation of digital content

    • Goals of the module
    • What is an asset of creative digital content
    • Types of digital content
    • How to get ideas for creating digital content

      Rules for organizing brainstorm

      Effeсtive techniques for creating digital content
    • How to choose visual style of the creative assets

      Example of local cases of digital assets
    • Creating the banner advertising
    • How to make the banner ads effective
    • How to make a map of brand messages
    • How to run brand social media accounts
    • How to make social media content calendar
    • What a landing page is

      The structure of the page: necessary elements

      Tips on the visual style of landing pages

      Example of Filipino cases of landing pages
    • Understanding of what a good landing page is
    • Process of creating a landing page
    • How to manage the creation of a website

      The team

      The price

      The process

      The duration
    • Difference between a landing page and a website
    • A\B testing

      What A\B testing is

      The process of doing A\B testing

      How to create tasks for A\B testing

      Where to get hypotheses for A\B testing

      How to make clean A\B testing

      How to analyze results of A\B testing


    • The goals of the module
    • What performance marketing is
    • Basic terms which performance a marketing specialist uses
    • How to use CJM as a performance marketing specialist does
    • The principles of performance marketing specialists
    • Possible career tracks: salaries, possible positions/companies
      Module 3
      Targeted advertising on social media (paid and social one)

      • The goals of the module
      • What paid social is
      • Stages of working with different social networks
      • Characteristics of different social networks
      • At what stage of the marketing funnel the paid search is
      • FB ad manager, what kind of goals it helps achieve
      • The structure of an ad manager
      • How to set up a FB ad account (step by step tutorial)
      • What Facebook Pixel is
      • How to setup Facebook Pixel
      • Step by step launching of an ad campaign
      • How to analyze efficiency of the ad campaigns
      • Overview of an ads manager

      Contextual advertising (paid search)

      • The goals of the module
      • What paid search is
      • Advertising tools of Google Ads
      • Targeting in Google. Ad account settings
      • The structure of Google ad manager
      • Strategizing in paid search
      • Assigning jobs to channels
      • Retargeting
      • How does an auction work
      • Ben Hunt's Customer Awareness Ladder
      • What semantics is
      • What role semantics plays in paid search
      • The structure of the semantics
      • How to make semantics
      • What search advertising is
      • How to launch and analyze ad campaigns
      • What DNG is
      • How to launch and analyze ad campaigns in DNG

      Retention marketing (CRM)

      • The goals of the module
      • What retention marketing is
      • Channels and key messages
      • Retention strategy
      • Overview of the main retention marketing platforms
      • How to choose retention marketing platform
      • What segmenting the client base is
      • Why it is important to segment the client base
      • How to segment the client base

        Specific tools for segmenting
      • What a trigger card is and why it is necessary
      • How to read trigger maps
      • How to create trigger maps (stages and basic mechanics)
      • What email-marketing is
      • How to make mockups of email-lists
      • How to give tasks to designers and copywriters
      • What effective email-marketing is
      • Mistakes in email-marketing
      • How to launch and execute retention-marketing projects
      Module 4

      • What SEO is
      • Why you need SEO

      Search engines, how they work

      • What search engines are
      • How search engines work
      • Google algorithm
      • Ranking factors

      Keyword research and competitors' analysis

      • Where to find keywords
      • Keyword metrics

        Search volume

        Keyword difficulty

        Keyword relevance

      Choosing an SEO contractor

      • Business goal audit
      • Competitors analysis

        Using tools like: Semrush, Seranking, ahrefs

      Content optimization

      • Topic identification and organization
      • Focus keyword optimization
      • Quality of content
      • Content length
      • Content updates


      Made by an SEO-specialists

      • Internal linking
      • Image alt texts
      • Title tags and meta descriptions optimization
      • Featured snippets
      Student employment is one of the major goals of our course. We realize that this is the desired outcome for every graduate. That’s why we pay so much attention to it
      Refocus pattern
      Mentoring with recruiters and professionals in your area of expertise
      Assistance in the development of your portfolio, CV and LinkedIn profile
      Final project cases prepared by real companies.
      Preparation for selection processes, group dynamics and individual interviews
      Our students about Refocus
      The reviews used can be found on Google Maps
      The webinar was very informative. The presenters are really well-informed. The speaker provided numerous benefits, and I learned more about digital marketing as a result. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!
      Cindy Marriel Saile
      I’ve just attended a webinar of refocus this week and I’m happy to learn more about digital marketing. For me this is a very interesting especially for those who want to shift careers and want new learning about marketing. As the webinar ended, I just realize that I need refocus as part of my growth in the future that’s is why I’m looking forward and hoping to be part of it in the future.
      Beatrice Bangoy
      Thank you for the free webinar, "How To Become A Marketer In 2022." I had a lot of fun and learned valuable lessons that I could utilize as a marketing student! I’m so excited to unleash my potential and creativity in the digital world. I hope I can attend your future webinars soon.
      Joshua Angeles
      This is my first time attending a webinar at Refocus and I really enjoyed it. It is very useful especially to those students who want to gain more useful tips about marketing. Thank you so much for the fun and very informative webinar! God bless.
      Jiwana Crisolo
      Keeping presentations focused on key agenda items can be tough, but they’re really good at it. They effectively outline exactly what it is that will be discussed and make sure to keep it. The content was relevant and the format was visually appealing and easy to follow and understand. Well done! Love the webinar today #Refocus2022
      Diana Jane Ceniza
      I have little knowledge about Digital Marketing. After joining Refocus' webinar, I can say that I’ve gained some knowledge about this field. It was very informative, and the speakers were fun & interactive. I’m so excited to start my marketing career. Thanks a lot, Refocus!
      Jeanmay Roa
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