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Whom will
this course help
Give your employees a step-by-step plan on how to use new digital trends to scale your business.
Corporate clients/
Freshen and structuralize your knowledge, share and gain experience from the community and put the best practices to action.
Experienced marketeer
Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, discover the most effective digital tools and realize how to make them work.
Gain your knowledge from real practical cases you will never get in college and get ready for the big game.
What do we teach
10 Modules on Digital Marketing:
59 prerecorded & 12 live lessons (150+ hours)
  • participate in mock interviews,
  • make your CV stand out,
  • find a suitable marketer job vacancy;
  • write cover letters response to job postings,
  • work on your portfolio,
  • answer any questions of the recruiter during the interview.
  • use experts proven research methods,
  • apply unit economics,
  • analyze competitors' business models, brand positioning and digital assets',
  • “spy” on your competitor’s targeting and contextual ads,
  • explore competitors best practices in retention marketing,
  • research B2B competitors,
  • conduct desk research, customer development and audience surveys,
  • prepare for the JTBD interview and find respondents,
  • use CJM to improve the marketing funnel.
  • make a plan to write effective test that will be seen in search engines,
  • develop the structure of a page,
  • analyze text relevance,
  • use key words and make your ads stand out,
  • know what triggers potential customers and use it in your text.
  • learn the basics of CRM systems,
  • master clients segmenting,
  • manage trigger mapping,
  • polish your ads in email marketing,
  • launch and maintain the retention-marketing project.
  • become a good strategist in contextual advertising,
  • learn about semantics, search advertising and DNG,
  • master Youtube ads and use them effectively.
  • understand how to benefit from paid socials,
  • learn to launch ad campaigns on social media,
  • analyze the effect of your campaigns and learn to adjust your strategy to the results.
  • use performance marketing terms correctly;
  • use CJM for performance,
  • boost your sales using social media channels,
  • test your creatives,
  • plan and adjust your marketing budget,
  • use performance data from websites and advertising channels for analysis,
  • review case studies of digital marketing campaigns from around the world.
  • select visual style for advertising and create effective banner ads,
  • easily find new ideas for digital content,
  • organize and conduct brainstorming,
  • generate leads from social media,
  • monitor the effectiveness of SMM,
  • make a social media content calendar.
  • research target audience and their needs,
  • conduct a successful competitive analysis,
  • define the target market and set up the analytics,
  • create and test ads of content,
  • apply a «test and learn» approach.
  • frame learning objectives to achieve maximum result,
  • learn about the types of marketing,
  • use marketing terms correctly,
  • do media planning,
  • use basic analytical tools,
  • be good at ad channels and types of digital content.
10 Modules on Digital Marketing:
59 prerecorded & 12 live lessons (150+ hours)
What do we teach
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