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Our courses

Duration: 10 months
Make your first steps to become an in-demand professional and find a dream job
You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other professional tools to create web pages and websites from scratch.

Web Development

Duration: 9 months
You will analyze data, build marketing campaigns, make creatives and become fully prepared for a new career.

Digital Marketing

Duration: 8 months
You will analyze data, create detailed reports and help your company achieve business goals using relevant data analytics tools.

Data Analytics

Our benefits:

Our experts have years of experience and ongoing international projects. They will now train you to be a gem in online advertising and data analytics.

Experienced industry leaders

Our methodologists compiled case-based lessons to help you get tangible profit — real job and real money.

Problem-based teaching approach

Spend only 5-10 hours a week on studying and choose your own location: home, a cafe, a car or a seashore.

Flexible schedule

IT-industry is the most promising one in the next 10 years

the average salary of a top IT-specialist across the globe

$115 000 per year

vacancies are now in the IT-field
≈ 21,000
of the demand in IT-specialists is being met now
Only 55%
rate of in-demand specializations includes IT-professions
Top 3

Mentors and speakers of Refocus

Mentors and speakers of Refocus

Mentors and speakers of Refocus

But it won’t be possible without students’ dedication and hard work. That’s why they have to comply with certain demands to land a job with our help:

We are 100% confident in our training and can assure our students of our ability to get them employed.

Job Guarantee Policy

follow each step in Career Center process and make required efforts to find a job.
complete all projects and assignments;
complete all the modules within the deadlines;

Our students work in:


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I’ve been a graphic artist for 10 years. During the pandemic, business became really slow, so I decided to take online courses. I found Refocus and did my research on what a Data Analyst job is. I really liked the fact that I’d be working with data and wanted to take on the challenge. The modules are arranged by difficulty, making it easy to learn. Plus, community managers are very approachable, and I get support any time I need it. I’m currently finishing up module 3 and can’t wait for the next Module.

Jay Anne

I’m currently working as a developer and I always felt I needed additional skills to add to my resume, so I enrolled in the Data Analytics course. I’ve already finished all 3 assignments in Module 3 and I’m so excited. I wish I knew about Refocus earlier because I could have done all my projects better, and it would have been much easier if I had the knowledge I’ve gained from the course before.

Elisha Alfeche

I’m currently finishing my last year in college, and I’m able to combine this with my studies at Refocus just fine because I can create my own schedule. I’m really enjoying it, and I’m even planning to pursue my Masters in this field. I’m in Module 3 right now, and I’m even more excited to learn more because Refocus gave me such a unique opportunity.

Prince Abraham Gacusan

Joining Refocus was the best option to find a proper source of income. I was quite surprised because one of the weaknesses I had before was working with computers. But after I discovered Refocus and took the Data Analytics Course, I learned how to easily adapt and use the power of computers to my advantage. I am currently almost halfway through Module 3. The lessons are getting more and more exciting, and I can’t wait to start my career as a data analyst.

Paul Uy

I worked in a judicial academy for 19 years and was at a point in my life where I did not know what to do next. And then I came across Refocus. My whole view of online learning has changed drastically. Refocus has made the videos so interesting that it felt like I knew the speaker on a personal level. I am in Module 3.1 now, working on the home assignment. I am enjoying the discussions with my cohort on how to better understand SQL. I am proud of myself for wanting to learn more and more each day because of my experience with Refocus.

Bea Azcuna

Current student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3.1
Current student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3
College graduate, current student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3
Сurrent student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3
Сurrent student of the Data Analytics course, Module 3

Our mission

We want to serve people around the world improve quality of life with good and affordable IT education

Roman Kumar Vyas

We intend to provide students with skills that will be in demand in labor market of Asia for at least another 30 years. This gives people a sense of confidence in the world of tomorrow, which is especially crucial after in 2020 about 4.5 million Filipinos lost their jobs.

Our Career Center will lead you to a job offer

"We want to give our students decent well-paid jobs. We know this is exactly what every graduate wishes for. That’s why we pay so much attention to it." Roman Kumar Vyas, founder of Refocus

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Mock interviews with HR-managers
Portfolio, CV, and LinkedIn profile review
Live mentorship from experienced HR-managers
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Career Manager
Earl Thomas Corregidor III
Career Manager

Success stories

Success stories

Success stories

Success stories


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